Developing Digital Strategies, Plans and Policies

Developing a robust, well focused and innovative digital infrastructure strategy is challenging in the current environment and critical for longer term economic success.  The strategy must function in a complex environment and take account of technology developments: fibre, 5G, smart sensors etc; public policy objectives at all levels of government including social and health policy; commercial viability (for suppliers, procurers, customers); the environmental, legal and regulatory hurdles which can potentially trip up the unprepared.  In addition, there needs to be a coherent, factual and up-to-date evidence base on which to create plans and actions, both short and longer term.

We have excellent knowledge of the digital infrastructure marketplace and its applicability to other sectors such as transport and energy.  Our stakeholder network includes suppliers, customers (public and private sector) and regulatory bodies.  We pride ourselves on our independence.

Our advice includes:

  • The development of a clear vision and digital infrastructure strategy based on discussions with the client and all relevant stakeholders and utilising all available assets
  • Examining and explaining current technology developments and foresight to ensure future innovation and impact
  • Check and challenge of public sector digital policy plans to ensure that both the key principals and strategic approach fit the wider policy objectives and are implementable
  • Detailed digital technical knowledge in fixed and mobile infrastructure enables us to ensure that solutions are flexible, scalable and facilitate the services which our clients require
  • Creation and assessment of commercial models to enhance procurement or test the viability of the business case.