Dynamic Energy Systems

The energy system eco-structure is particularly complex and decisions on future energy infrastructure and supply arrangements requires the balancing of conflicting commercial, regulatory and environmental factors. BAS LLP is a neutral and non-aligned organisation which can help purchasers navigate through the bewildering array of technology and commercial options free from external pressures. Typical work includes:

  • Helping define the best set of requirements addressing that client (or region’s) needs then determining and actioning the most appropriate supplier / specialist engagement selection route.
  • Informing future facing requirement definitions by scoping realistic impacts of emerging needs such as EV charging infrastructure and the way they would be impacted by differing local policy options. 
  • Determining the most cost-effective methods of measuring, collecting and assessing energy use across estates of deployed assets to determine cost effective short and long-term energy use reduction measures:
    • Smart metering and smart grid deployments
    • Local renewable energy scheme feasibility